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Hello friends welcome to PhpBBWeb. In today's post you will know that How to make pendrive bootable If you also want to install or format Windows. And if you want Pen Drive Ko Bootable Banana then you have come to the right place. Through this post, we will give you complete information about it.

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How to make CD bootable You will also know this through this post. And we will explain it to you in very simple language. Hope you are liking all our posts. And in the same way, you continue to like all the posts coming on our blog.

To format or install Windows, we have to make CD or Pendrive bootable. And making it bootable is also very easy. Not everyone knows how to make Pendrive bootable. But if you ever need to install or format Windows, then you must make it bootable.

You cannot install Windows without making the pendrive bootable. You can make any Windows key bootable. If you have a Pendrive and Usb Drive and you make its Bootable Pendrive, then you will not need any Windows CD or Drive to format the computer.

So let's know now Usb Bootable Karne Ka Tarika if you also want to make Pendrive bootable. So read this post Pen Drive Bootable Kaise Banaye from beginning to end. In this, we will give you complete information about it.

How to make pendrive bootable

We are telling you a very easy way to make Pendrive Bootable. In this, you can make your Pendrive bootable very easily from Command Prompt. Let us know how to make Pendrive bootable from Command Prompt.

  • Open Window CMD

First of all you have to open Windows CMD. For this, Windows + R Key has to be pressed simultaneously. As soon as you press this key, the window will open in front of you on the left side. Which is called Run Command.

Open Window CMD
  • Open CMD Command

Write CMD in Run Command and click on Ok. Now CMD Command will open.

  • Enter Disk Part

Now plug your pendrive into the system. And enter on the CMD command by typing Diskpart. As soon as you press Enter Button by writing Diskpart. You get a new CMD. Which is called Diskpart Command.

Enter Disk Part
  • Enter code

Now enter this code on the new CMD (Diskpart Command) “List Disk” and after that you will see the list of Disk Volume. In which the list of all the partitions you have made on the Hard Disk will appear. And also the Pendrive you have installed will also appear in the list.

  • Select disk no.

Now you have to enter this code on CMD command by writing “Select Disk No.” Like if your Pendrive's No. If it is 2 then you enter on CMD “Select Disk 2”

  • Enter Codes

When you have selected your disk, then write one of the codes given below, and enter. When you enter all the commands by writing them.
After that your pendrive starts becoming bootable. Now copy the files of Windows in Pendrive. And if you want to format the system or change the window, then you can do it easily.

Enter Codes

So by following these steps you can boot your pendrive. And you can install or format your system.

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How to make ISO file as bootable DVD

To install Windows, we need a Bootable DVD. So that we can install Windows in Boot Mode. So further tell you how to make DVD bootable

  • Download Power ISO Software

First of all you have to download Power ISO Software. After downloading the software, install it and register it with Serial Key. r to do. Even if you do not have a Serial Key, you can use its Free Version.

  • OpenPower ISO Software

After installing the software you have to open it. and click on Add. After clicking on Add, you have to go to that directory or that folder where you have kept your copy of Windows.

After selecting all the files in the window, click on Add. If you have downloaded Windows, then you must have downloaded the ISO file. Which you can Direct Boot.

  • Open ISO File In Winrar

Open the ISO file you have downloaded in Winrar. And copy the whole file folder and paste it in a new folder. And then open it by clicking on Add in Power ISO.

If your window is in ISO format, then double click on it. And it will open in Direct Power ISO. And you can directly boot it.

  • click action

After bringing the window to Power ISO, click on Action. And then click on Boot. After that click on Add Boot Information.

  • Click Add Boot Information

In Add Boot Information, browse to the Etfsboot File and select it. and click on Open. Then click on Ok. You will find Etfsboot File in Boot Folder.

  • Burn The Bootable ISO File To DVD

Now you have to insert Blank DVD Disk in DVD Driver. When your DVD is ready to run, then you have to click on Burn in the Task Bar.

After clicking on Burn, Popup Window of Burn will open in front of you, you can also reduce the Burning Speed ​​in it. After selecting the speed, click on the Burn Button shown below.

After this, now your DVD Boot will start. When the process is complete, the DVD will automatically come out of your DVD Driver. In this way, you can create Bootable DVD of Windows by following all these steps.

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How to make memory card bootable

We need Wintobootic Software to make Memory Card Bootable. You have to download it. We are telling you the steps to download it below. By following which you can boot your memory card:

  • download software

First of all you download Wintobootic Software. After downloading you open it. Then connect the memory card you want to boot to your system.

As soon as you connect your memory card to the system, Wintobootic Software will automatically select your memory card. And after that you tick on Quick Format Option.

  • Drop Source Or Click Option

After that you select the ISO file of Windows by clicking on Drop Source or Click Option. If you do not have any ISO file, then you can also download it.

And if you have a Windows CD, then you can convert that Windows CD to ISO file as well. And then click on Do It Option. After this, your memory card will be booted in a short while.

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