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what dinosaur has 500 teeth
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What Dinosaur has 500 Teeth – Dinosaurs, the word is derived from the Greek word “Deinos” which means terrible or Frightful, and “Sauros” which means Lizard. Thus they are the amazing creatures that have been on Earth for Millions of Years there were so many different species all around the World and the kids are drawn to these fascinating creatures. As there are several species of Dinosaurs some of them have a length of leg of one meter, hands as long as the neck, and tails as long as the torso.

They have some combination of feathers, scales, or fur on their body. Thus like this species, there has been a habitat of Dinosaurs having a special quality and changes in the Dental Structure which having 500 teeth in his buccal Cavity which Quiet Mesmerizing thought.

what dinosaur has 500 teeth

what dinosaur has 500 teeth

Likewise, one other species of Dinosaurs has a unique character that is mind-boggling which is the Dinosaurs are having 500 teeth. Did you know that it was one of the first reptiles to emerge on Earth? Did you know that it was an herbivore? Did you know that it was the most common animal during the early period? All these questions will be answered in this blog, so let’s read some insights regarding this type of Dinosaur species.

Discovery of Nigersaurus

The 500 teeth Dinosaur is called “Nigersaurus”, so it is known by this unique name because the fossils were discovered in the republic of Nigeria, in North West Africa in the year 1976  due to which the Dinosaur got this name “Nigersaurus”. And the remains of this species are also seen in the regions of Algeria. The main reason behind this species having 500 teeth is because it is habitual to feed on plants such as ferns and the teeth were soft and brittle and due to a lot of chewing, they got detached.

And the species are such that they get a new set of teeth every 14 days because of the detachment of soft teeth due to continuous feeding on plants and softness of teeth. Thus making him the fastest replacing Dinosaur. Due to such nature of teeth, the Nigersaurus has extra teeth’s making him the Animal with 500 teeth just like the Giraffe who adopted the character of a long neck due to its habit of elongating its neck to get food from tall trees.


  • Nigersaurus was one of the rare species on the planet and thus there are several features that make it rare are:
  • The Nigersaurus was about 9 meters and 30 feet long which is as twice as long as a Giraffe.
  • It had a Short Neck that weighed around 4 tons which is equal to the weight of an elephant.
  • It had a poor sense of smell because of having 500 teeth due to which his jaw moves upside down and not side to side which made it different from other herbivore Dinosaurs.
  • While in the case of the brain it is similar to that of other Dinosaurs, while in the case of eyesight they have better eyesight than any other herbivore Dinosaurs. As most Dinosaurs had long necks so that they can see long distances, but in Nigersaurus it had a short neck but perfect vision.
  • The Nigersaurus ate plants that were close to the ground and he didn’t have to compete for the food because he focused on eating grass because he had a short neck.
  • Thus these are the features of 500 teeth Dinosaur which was alive around 100 million years ago and due to these features made him a unique Dinosaur among all others.

How they became Extinct

Over 100 million years ago Dinosaurs were the dominant form of life on earth, they were the largest animals on the earth. There are various theories about their extinction. Some of them are:


A Meteorite crashed to earth near the Gulf of Mexico, and a big meteorite landed with lots of debris and dust and blocked sunlight for a longer period due to which some deadly events started like plants dying due to which the Nigersaurus which would feed on Grass, died.


Due to the impact of large Asteroids, the earth started sending Seismic waves causing Volcanic Eruptions that helped wiped out the Dinosaurs.


The heavy flow of lava from the deck and traps in western Indian may have resulted in a larger amount of Carbon Dioxide and Sulfur in the atmosphere and thus caused the extinction of Dinosaurs.

What Dinosaur has 500 Teeth

What Dinosaur has 500 Teeth

Diseased Conditions

Some of the researchers suggest that they might have become extinct due to certain diseases like Parasites, hay fever, certain allergic conditions, and bone infections. Due to this, they had become Extinct.

Ice Age

Some paleontologists suggest that due to the ice age the Dinosaurs could have frozen and thus won’t be able to survive in that environment, thus leading to their extinction.
Unbelievable Facts about 500 teeth Dinosaur

The name of this 500 teeth Dinosaur is “Nigersaurus” which means ”Niger’s Lizard or Niger Reptile and it is one of the oldest dinosaurs ever found.

It is a genus of Diplodocus like Sauropod Dinosaur and fossils of this dinosaur were discovered in the year 1976. But it was named in the year 1999 after the complete remains were discovered.

  • The name was given after French Paleontologist Philippe Taquet who discovered the first remains.Nigersaurus was living during the center Cretaceous Time Frame which is around 119 to 105 million years ago which is even before the Aptian of the Albian age.
  • It is a creature to have jaws more extensive than the skull and teeth that are lengthy and horizontal in the forward direction. Under every dynamic tooth, there was a section of nine substitution teeth inside the Jaw with 68 sections in the upper jaw and 60 segments in the lower jaw.
  • It had a Short Neck with 13 cervical Vertebrae. The food he use to eat or touch is currently found in most parts of the Sahara Desert.

Thus these were some of the unbelievable and shocking facts about Nigersaurus. We hope you enjoyed our blog on such Species of Dinosaurs. We appreciate your support on our blog.

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