What is Easter Day? History, Importance, Significance, Easter Day 2022

easter day 2022
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What is Easter Day?

Easter is a Christian and Jewish Holy festival that involves celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the Dead. It is the most widely observed holiday Worldwide. There are a lot of Easter celebrations worldwide and one of the most Common Celebrations is the Easter Egg Hunt. Easter is celebrated for a variety of reasons like Fertility, death, Rebirth, the sun’s Journey, or the start of a new year.

easter day 2022

easter day 2022

It is most often celebrated on the First Sunday and is a celebration of new Hope, new Beginnings, and celebrating the festival in one’s way like painting Eggs which are having Utmost Importance on Easter Day. Easter has given everyone special Insights into how to live life to the fullest.

Easter brings joy and hopes to Many, but what does it mean? What is the Significance of Easter? What are the differences between the Various Easter Traditions? All these questions will be answered in this blog. Hope this blog will provide you with all the Easter-related Information.

Why is Easter Day Celebrated?

Easter Day is one of the Most Important days to be celebrated in Christianity. It is celebrated because of the return of lord “Jesus” i.e “Isa Masih”. According to the beliefs of Christianity, it is said that “Isa Masih” was again reborn on the 3rd day after “Good Friday” and thus in the happiness of his rebirth “Easter Day” is celebrated. Along with “Christmas” “Easter Day” has the utmost importance in Christianity. Both days are celebrated as the Birth of “Isa Masih”.


1000 years before Jesus was placed on Crucifixion on Good Friday in the jungles of Jerusalem. Thus 3 days after “Good Friday” which is on the first Sunday “Isa Masih” was reborn and it is believed that after his rebirth he lived for about 40 days along with his Pupils and then later went into heaven peacefully. That’s why Easter Celebration is carried out for 40 days. There are three Holy Festivals which start with “Palm Sunday followed by Good Friday and End at “Easter Day”. During the first week of Easter, Prayers are carried out and the Churches are been Decorated with Candles all over and Bible is read out.

On Easter Day Certain Songs are played to Celebrate Easter Day happiness:

  • God So Loved
  • Living Hope
  • Man of Sorrows
  • In Christ Alone
  • Graves Into Gardens
  • King of Kings

How is the Easter Date Determined?

According to the Bible, Jesus Christ’s Death and rebirth occurred around the Time of Jewish Passover which was Celebrated on the First Full Moon Following the Vernal Equinox. The date of  Easter is set around March Equinox, Equinox means the Day and Night are of Equal Length and March Equinox is usually on 21st March each year. The date of Easter is the First Sunday after the first Full Moon occurring on or after the March Equinox. Hence the date of Easter Sunday Changes as the Day of Full Moon Changes Each year.

Easter Must take place between March 22nd and April 25th and it is determined by using a  scientific Formula and a Traditional Method that involves the Following Rules:

Traditional Method to Find Out Date

  • March 21
  • Find the Next Full Moon after March 21
  • Then the Next Sunday after the Full Moon is Easter Sunday.

Scientific Formula to Find Out Date:

  • Divide the Current Year by 19. Multiply the number before the Decimal Point by 19.
  • Then Subtract the Result from Step 2 from the year.
  • Plus 1

Look up the “Easter Number” in the Table which Contains the Ester numbers from 1 to 19 and dates between March and April.

Thus by Looking at the table Mark the Easter number on the Table and the Easter is on the First Sunday after the Date on the Table. In this way, an accurate date of Easter can be obtained both ways either in Traditional Manner or by Calculating.

When is Easter 2022?

Easter 2022 was observed on 17th April 2022 and in the Coming years i.e in the year 2023 Easter Day will be on April 9 and on 7th April Good Friday will be Observed. While in the year 2024, Easter day will be seen on March 31, and on March 29 Good Friday will be observed. While in the year 2025 Easter Day will be observed on April 20 and on 18th April 2025 Good Friday will be Observed.

What is to be eaten on Easter Day?

During Easter Day it is a ritual to eat Eggs which are called “Easter Eggs” which are decorated and used as a Gift on the Occasion of Easter. The oldest tradition is to use the Dyed and Painted Chicken Eggs but the Modern Custom is to substitute Chocolate eggs wrapped in Colored Foil or Plastic Eggs filled with Confectionery such as Chocolate. But usually, real eggs are used as Eggs are a Symbol of Fertility and Rebirth while in Christianity the Eggs symbolize the Empty Tomb of Jesus from which Jesus Restored his life.

easter day 2022

easter day 2022

And the Eggs are Painted Red in the Memory of the Blood of Jesus shredded at the time of his Crucifixion. And People Usually eat “Ham” on Easter Days because Ham is Christian meat and is Consumed by Christian and not Prominently by Other Religious Groups. And it is Consumed during Easter only because of the season as the taste depends on a variety of Factors Including what the animals were eating and when and where they were in their Growth Cycle. Thus due to such factors, it is eaten during “Easter Days”.

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We hope you enjoyed our blog about Easter, thus Easter is also a time to be kind to everyone give gifts to those around us, and hope to spend it with our special ones. Thus values of Jesus should be an integral part of your life. And it is a reminder that we should always stay true to our values, no matter where we may fall on the Path of life.

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