What is Google Plus? Know how to use Google Plus

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You must have heard the name of Google Plus but you would hardly know that Google Plus Kya Hota Hai, apart from you there will be many people who do not know Google Plus Kya Hai, so we are going to tell you in today's post What Is Google Plus In Hindi.

When you use the Internet for some work, you must have seen many times that Sign In With Google Plus is written while logging in to any new website.

Not only this, if you use any Google service like Blogger, Drive, and Photos, then there is also the option of Continue With Google Plus.

So let us tell you that Google Plus is also a social network website and application like Facebook and Twitter, but most people use only Facebook and Twitter and do not use Google Plus, because they do not know about Google Plus. There is no information.

The unique and special features of Google Plus make it a useful social networking site. Google Plus can be a very good option in the world of social networking, let's know in detail Google Plus

what is google plus


Google Plus was launched by Google Company on December 15, 2011, Google Plus is a Social Networking website and application. The features and features of Google Plus are similar to Facebook.

On Google Plus, you can update your status through posts and put your words in front of millions of people. You can also add your friends or other people to your circle in Google Plus.

With the help of Google Plus Hangouts, you can also make video calls with your Google Plus friends, that too absolutely free. Now you must have understood that Google Plus Kya Hota Hai

Now you too must be thinking that Google Plus Account should be created, but you do not know how to create Google Plus Account, then we will tell you.

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Google Plus Account Kaise Banaye

Friends, let us tell you that if you want to create Google Plus Account, then for that you must have your Google Account (Gmail ID).

If you have your Gmail ID then you can create your Google Plus Account very easily, if you do not have Gmail ID then you can create your Google Account by reading our post Gmail Par Email Id Kaise Banaye.

Now when your Gmail ID (Google Account) is created, you will first have to open the Google Plus website in your browser. You can also go to the Google Plus website by clicking here.

After the Google Plus website is open, click on Join Google Plus, after clicking you will be asked for your Gmail Id, after entering the Gmail Id, your Google Plus Account will be created.

How to download google plus

Yes friends, along with the website of Google Plus, it also has a mobile application, through which people using mobile can download Google Plus and use it in their mobile as well.

To download Google Plus, you have to go to your phone's App Store. if you want You can also download Google Plus by clicking on Yes.

  • Google Plus Download For Apple iOS
  • google plus download for android

After downloading Google Plus, you can also use Google Plus in your mobile by signing in to Google Plus.

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How to use Google Plus

Friends, using Google Plus is very simple, if you use Facebook, then you do not need to learn anything separately to use Google Plus, you can follow your friends and relatives in Google Plus.

And by adding them to your circle, you can keep information about their activities and you can also like and comment on them. You can also update your status on Google Plus, and upload photos and videos.

Benefits of Google Plus

  • Google Plus is a free service of Google itself, and to create a Google Plus Account, we do not need to create a separate account.
  • Google Plus is a social networking website, through which we can easily share status, photos, videos and links.
  • Like Facebook, Whatsapp, we can also create groups in Google Plus.

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