What is projector? Know how the projector works

Hello friends welcome to Hindi Sahayta. today we are going to tell you What is Projector? If you are also thinking of buying Projector, then you are reading the right post. Because we will give you Projector Ki Jankari today. In which you will get all kinds of information about Projector.
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Now technology has increased so much that all our work has become easy. So that we can do our work easily and in less time. In the same way you can enjoy cinema at your home with the help of projector. The way the movie is shown on the big screen in the cinema hall, similarly you can watch the movie using it at your home too.
You too must have seen Images or Videos on the projector at some time or made a presentation using it. Now studies are also being done with the help of projectors. On which the teacher can explain the concept more thoroughly. Nowadays projector is being used a lot.
So let's know Projector Kya Hota Hai If you also want to use projector then this post What Is Projector In Hindi? Must read from beginning to end. Only then you will get complete information about it and you will be able to use it.

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What is Projector?

Projector is an output device. It is a part of computer hardware. Which is used on the white screen. On which pictures or some kind of video is shown. It shows the image on a big screen or white wall on which the light is projected.
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With the projector, you can give information to many people at the same time. Which you can explain through pictures or videos. It works on the basis of light projection.

Projector Kaise Kaa Karta Hai

There are many types of projectors available in today's time. And everyone has the same way of working. Whether there is a difference in their capacity and quality. In the projector, a high intensity light comes out through small pixels. And 3 displays are used to show any image.
Because of this light has to pass through 3 colours. And after that the light goes through a prism and makes it colored and then an image is projected and comes on a screen.

Projector Ke Prakar

There are many types of projects but three types are most prominent among them. About which we are telling you further:

  • DLP Projector (Digital Light Processing)

DLP Projector

It does its work on the basis of a chip. whom It is called DMD Chip. A DMD chip is made up of several million sheets. Shade is extra only in DMD Chip.
These are controlled using Shade Control. It produces absolutely sharp images. It has the capability of 3D output. It is small and absolutely light.

  • LCD Projector (Liquid Crystal Display)

LCD Projector

Liquid crystal display is used in these projectors. It is considered very good for the protection of the film. Most LCD Projectors use 3 LCD technology.
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Using this, you can do projection from a distance as well. Zoom lens is used in these. A color light beam is fired at the LCD panel to form an image.

  • LED Projector (Light Emitting Diode)

LED Projector

Most of these Small LCDs are used and there are no moving parts in them. This is the Modern Version of Slide Projector or Overhead Projector. They consume less power and their working speed is also high.

Use of Projector

Projectors are used in many places today. Let us know where the use of Projector is being used:

  • The TV or computer is used to project the movie onto a large screen.
  • It is also used to project a PowerPoint presentation.
  • It is used to project computers for teaching in the classroom.
  • Projectors are also used to explain a product or service in a program.

How much does the projector come?

It is a device with the help of which a large screen can be made. Normally for a good projector one has to spend 30 to 35 thousand rupees. Apart from this, the price of the projector depends on its type.


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