What is Robot? – How does a robot work, know Robot Kaise Banate Hain?

A robot is a type of automated machine that can complete specific tasks with little or no human intervention and with speed and accuracy. In today’s time, technology has increased so much that you can do all the work very easily in no time. For this many methods are adopted and new things are invented. In view of this, robots were also invented, through which we can simplify our work. If you also Robot Kya Hota Hai and How to make robot Want to know about, then in this post we will give you complete information about Robot Kya Kya Kaam Kar Sakta Hai.

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You too must have heard about robots at one time or the other. Robots are being used in big places. In big companies, the help of robots is being taken to do different types of work and now robots are being used for research. Technology has become so advanced that it is possible to do any work.

If you also want to get all kinds of information about how a robot works and Robot Kaise Banaya Jata Hai etc., then how is this post a robot? Must read from beginning to end, only then you will get complete information about it.

what is robot

Robot can be called a kind of machine which receives the instructions given by us through the computer. Robot can do any kind of difficult work very easily. With robots, we can get more than one task done at the same time.

Robots can also be made to look like humans and it is not necessary that the robot should be given the same form. These can be shaped and sized as per their requirement. Robots are automatic mechanical devices. Many robots use external control devices to control them.

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Who invented Robot?

The first robot was made in 1954 by George Devol, which was named Unimate. He later sold it to businessman/engineer Joseph Engelberger. He modified it into an industrial robot and created the world’s first robotics company to produce and market the robot. In 1961, the first industrial robot was sold to the General Motors automobile factory. For his efforts and successes, Engelberger is known in the industry as the “Father of Robotics”.

How the robot came into being

To run any type of robot, physical structure is used in it. Robots have a type of motor which is used to run the robot. It is used so that it works to control the entire body of the robot. Different types of engines are used in robots to perform different tasks. Certain types of parts are installed in all types of robots. So that it can do its work properly.

  • sensor system
  • muscle system
  • power source
  • struct body
  • brain system

types of robots in hindi

Robots are being used to do most of the tasks and robots are being made according to the requirement of the tasks. On the basis of their functions, they are divided into different types.

Space Robots

Space robots are used to perform tasks in space. These robots are used when Space Robots are required when going into space.

Legged Robots

Scientists have also started working on making such robots. If legs are also attached to the robot, then it can walk at any place, it can also cross the stairs and it will be able to walk no matter what the path or place is.

flying robots

These are flying robots. who are able to fly. These robots are made of small size. These robots are used to do some kind of research. When any kind of disaster occurs, it is helpful in finding the people trapped in it.

Wheeled Robots

This type of robot can walk only on a flat surface and it moves on the surface with the help of wheels. Wheeled Robots are easy to make and their programming design is also very simple.

Medical Robots

This type of robot is used in the medical field. You can easily do medical related tasks with the help of these robots.

Military Robots

These robots are very helpful in protecting the soldiers of the country. Military Robots can also go to those places where it is difficult for humans to reach.

industrial robots

Industrial robots are used in factories and manufacturing companies. Which are used to perform different types of tasks.

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How to make robot

If you want to make a robot or want to know how to make a robot? So for this you need to learn about robotics and programming as well as have enough money to make it happen. Making a robot is not that easy, it requires time, money and intellectual ability etc. If you are really interested in the field of robotics and you want to make a really good robot, then you must have the following #2367;Must have essential knowledge of robotics components.

  • Arduino and other components
  • Motor and other mechanical parts
  • Bread Board and Printed Circuit Board

So, that was some general knowledge on how to make a robot, which you will need to make a robot. Hope this information will be useful for you.

Who Is Sophia the Robot?

It is a kind of robot which behaves like humans. This robot is very much discussed. In 2015 this robot was created by David Hanson. Sophia Robot has also been interviewed in many countries of the world. In which Sophia talked to the people and put her mind in front of them.

sophia the robot

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human body language

Sophia’s gestures are also like humans. She can be easily recognized even by looking at other’s facial expressions. Sophia can show more than 62 facial expressions. When Sophia talks she also makes eye contact and she is able to have her own thoughts and she can do everything like a human.

given citizenship of the country

The country of Saudi Arabia has given the citizenship of its country to Sophia Robot. This is the first time that a robot has got citizenship in the country. Getting the citizenship of the country means that Sophia has all the rights of that country. She will be treated like the citizens of the country. Means she can do anything like the citizens of the country. She can also marry someone and if she commits any wrongdoing or commits any kind of crime, then she can also be punished.

sofia came to india

Sophia Robot has also come to India. Asia’s biggest tech fest was organized in the city of Mumbai and Sophia also participated in this fest. She was seen in this program in Indian environment. In this fest, Sophia started her speech by saying Namaste India. Sophia also praised India a lot in this program.


In today’s post, you got Robot Ki Jankari Hindi Mai and along with it you also learned how the robot works. We hope that the information given by us on Robot In Hindi will be useful for you. What is Robot (What Is Robot In Hindi) and how to make a robot? If you liked the information, do share it with your friends. If you have any question related to Robot Kaise Banae Jaate Hain, then you can ask us through Comment, we will definitely help you.

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